Francisco Serra Andrés

Francisco Serra Andrés, trained in the sculpture workshops of Francisco Cuesta and Enrique Galarza, distinguished himself by his wooden sculptures, particularly by his well-known hands and faces, which he endowed with a singular spirituality.

He was born in Valencia, in 1924. He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts and later at the Superior School of San Carlos in Valencia.

At the age of twenty he created his own workshop and devoted himself to the realization of religious and profane works of commission. In 1948 his work was recognized in the III Demonstration of Art in Wood to get a prize and in 1950 he obtained another in the Exhibition of University Art.

He held his first solo exhibition at the Sala Cite in Valencia in 1973 and in 1976 he did it in Madrid. In October 1993 he held an Antologia exhibition at the Museum of the City of Valencia, organized by the city council. Among the distinctions he held were the Silver Medal of Distinguished Artisan and the Honor Diploma of the Trade Union Work of the International Fair of Valencia (1972) and the Artistic Merit Medal of the Ministry of Information and Tourism (1973).